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REAL RIS Summer School

What is REAL RIS Summer School?

REAL RIS Summer School is an international event that will take place in the City of Šibenik (Croatia) from July 22nd to 26th 2024.

The title of the 2024 REAL RIS Summer School is ‘Co-creation for innovation’, addressing the challenges of shifting coastal cities to zero carbon economy.

The main objective of the Summer School is to educate students about planning and executing of measures targeting zero-emission mobility in coastal cities, with a focus on exploiting existing or creating new innovative concepts, products and services, while using the benefits of interdisciplinary and international teamwork.

It will involve the university students, mentors, industry and SME representatives in a unique programme that brings together all sides of the knowledge triangle, enabling them to learn from each other and co-create solutions.

The school will also raise awareness of EIT Urban Mobility education activities and services among the university staff, with the purpose is to generate an interest for all the challenges and opportunities to build sustainable urban mobility solutions and liveable urban spaces.

Who can apply?

REAL RIS is looking for students and young professionals dedicated to resolve urban mobility challenges. Students from any field can apply, with a condition that they have completed at least the 2nd year of a bachelor’s study programme in Croatia or Latvia.

The applications of young professionals are also welcome, if they acquired their degrees after the 1st of January 2023.

REAL RIS encourages all genders to apply and contribute to co-creation of innovative concepts and ideas. Since the programme will be implemented in English, a high level of English proficiency is required for all participants, together with a motivated mindset and commitment to actively participate.

How to apply?

The applications can be submitted between the 29th of February to 29th of April (23:59 CET) through an online application form. Only applications written in English, submitted through an online form, and received within the deadline will be considered.

What are the benefits of participation?

Šibenik is one of the oldest Croatian cities, located on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea and along the estuary of the Krka River. Its population is about 40.000 and is famous for its cultural and natural heritage. Šibenik is the only town in Croatia and one of the few cities in the world with two monuments listed on UNESCO’s list of protected cultural heritage sites.

REAL RIS Summer School is an amazing opportunity to resolve real city challenges, meet creative peers and learn from mentors representing academy, public sector, NGOs, SMEs and industry! It will be an unforgettable experience contributing to your professional and personal growth.

All main REAL RIS Summer School activities will be carried out in St. John’s Fortress, where the campus is situated. It is equipped with interactive classrooms, bedrooms and conference rooms. There are also 14 dormitories, three fully equipped classrooms, a presentation area and rooms for dinning, socializing and resting. Beautiful sunsets and a breath-taking view are also included!

Where to write in case of questions?

Magdalena Makar, Project assistant at ODRAZ, (Croatia)

Petra Grgasović, Manager of key projects in REGEA, (Croatia)

Sintija Tarasova-Dubkeviča, Innovation Project Manager at VEFRESH, (Latvia)

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