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REAL RIS City is a package of activities targeting all sides of the Knowledge Triangle, with a focus on cities and municipalities. The key objective is to raise the capacity of local governments, industry and businesses in Croatia and Latvia to jointly develop innovation, thus improving the quality of urban life. REAL RIS City will also raise awareness of EIT Urban Mobility innovation-related programmes and services among the key stakeholders in RIS countries and enable networking among the public sector and successful innovators with solutions that contribute to sustainable urban mobility.

The core of REAL RIS City is a course ‘Innovating Urban Futures: Urban Mobility Labs for Sustainable Cities’ developed by VEFRESH. This course caters to cities, municipalities and private sector entities, providing a comprehensive exploration of strategic pilot territory implementation. Centred on fostering urban mobility innovation and entrepreneurial growth, it blends foundational knowledge with real-world case examples, including VEFRESH’s contributions to three pilot territories in Riga. Participants will gain essential tools for establishing controlled urban environments (Mobility Labs), fostering collaboration, and enhancing efficiency and sustainability. The course’s uniqueness lies in its practical approach, offering replicable insights that benefit public entities and businesses alike, contributing to innovating urban mobility systems in RIS. The course will be implemented in Latvia and Croatia.

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