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REAL RIS Academy

REAL RIS Academy is a package of activities intended for university students and staff, preferably teachers and mentors. The key objective is to raise capacity of the university staff to improve the entrepreneurial and innovation skills of students but also to raise awareness of EIT Urban Mobility education opportunities among the higher education institutions in Croatia and Latvia. Activities of REAL RIS Academy will also establish connections with the representatives of the industry and increase the visibility of careers and learning opportunities among young women educated or interested in mobility, regardless of their educational fields.

The core of REAL RIS Academy is a course ‘Boosting Entrepreneurial and Innovation Skills of Students’ developed by ODRAZ. Green and digital transition in the mobility sector as well as adopting the policies leading to climate neutrality result in new skill requirements, especially in innovation and entrepreneurship. Improving these skills in students and young experts will lead to better recognition of new business opportunities and development of new mobility products and services. Moreover, the integration of entrepreneurial and innovation skills into teaching prepares the students for a more diverse set of work roles and enhances their employability. The REAL RIS course will prepare the university staff to integrate the topics of innovation and entrepreneurship in the curricula, thus enabling the new generation of young experts to gain skills, competences, and motivation to act as generators and leaders of the green transition in mobility.

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