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The overall goal of REAL RIS project is to increase the urban-mobility-related innovation potential in the RIS countries, by educating, connecting & actively engaging all sides of the Knowledge Triangle, including the cities.

There is an innovation-related knowledge gap in RIS countries hindering a smooth energy and digital transition, which are crucial for the development of sustainable urban mobility systems and liveable urban spaces.

To overcome this, RIS countries must improve the capacities, capabilities, and collaboration levels of the local stakeholders. REAL RIS will address these challenges with a comprehensive educational programme that includes three key packages: REAL RIS ACADEMY – targeting university staff and students, REAL RIS CITY – targeting cities and municipalities, REAL RIS SUMMER SCHOOL – integrating all key stakeholders in identifying challenges, exchanging knowledge, and co-creating solutions while generating long-lasting partnerships. REAL RIS offers a systemic approach and builds upon the existing concepts that will be further tailored to meet specific needs of targeted ecosystems, with a focus on replication and upscale potential.

REAL RIS is funded by EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.


REGEA is founded by four regional governments in Croatia, under the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme. Its objectives are to promote, encourage and support the regional sustainable development in the fields of energy, mobility, climate and environmental protection. The Agency participates in numerous projects, while also contributing to sustainable development of its founders.

ODRAZ is an independent civil society, non-profit organization in Croatia, gathering professionals from various fields, designing and applying sustainable development concepts for the benefit of the local communities. Its competences include the implementation of non-formal education programmes supporting sustainable development, implementation of thematic workshops, consultations, and expert discussions.

VEFRESH operates as a Latvian innovation agency with a clear focus on enhancing urban living. Their primary emphasis lies in the realm of urban mobility, striving to improve mobility systems and support municipalities, governments, and start-ups during their incubation and acceleration phases. VEFRESH actively cultivates an environment conducive to the emergence of cutting-edge, competitive solutions within the urban mobility landscape.

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