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Croatian district heating sector support facility

Project Meeting and Study Visit in Rijeka

As part of the fifth project meeting held in Rijeka on July 20, 2023, project partners visited the newly constructed Cogeneration Malonji production facility located in the western part of Rijeka and owned by the company Energo. Within the project, the Malonji heating plant, which supplies thermal energy to 150 users, underwent a complete reconstruction and modernization. During this process, the aging gas boilers, which were approximately 30 years old, were replaced with a highly efficient natural gas cogeneration system that can use natural gas and hydrogen as a fuel. Two old gas boilers were replaced with two high-efficiency cogeneration units with thermal capacities of 0.62+0.45 MWth and 0.45 MW + 0.36 MWel. Additionally, three vertical thermal energy storage tanks with a capacity of 50m³ each were installed on-site to enhance the efficiency of the cogeneration system. Solar panels were also installed on-site to produce thermal energy as an additional source of renewable energy for the system.

In addition to the modernization of the production facility, the distribution network for district heating was also modernized. Two nearby systems, Zamet with 550 users and Krnjevo with 300 users, were connected to the Malonji system, creating a unified Western system with a total of 1  000 users. The project was implemented in 2022 and 2023 and was partially funded from the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020.

It is expected that the system will produce 7  100  000 kWh of thermal energy, of which 5  300  000 kWh will come from high-efficiency cogeneration, and 4  100  000 kWh of electrical energy. The modernization will reduce the energy losses of the system by more than 50%, and more than 50% of the produced thermal energy will come from a combination of high-efficiency cogeneration and renewable energy sources.

After visiting the facility, the partners discussed the possibility of replicating such modern solutions – H2-ready cogeneration in combination with renewable energy sources in smaller heating systems, including HEP Toplinarstvo and the Karlovac City Heating Plant.


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