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We draft contracts that are enabling innovative financing models – an ESCO model and public-private partnership to ensure both transparency and quality of services provided by all contracting parties.

We plan and provide technical support in the process of preparing the documentation required to conduct public procurement procedures.

We offer financial monitoring of the dedicated use of funds.

We facilitate the communication with intermediary bodies and with the general public.

We offer a complete service of construction project management, administrative project management and project management in accordance with the BIM methodology (Building information management/modeling)


The Covenant of Mayors - Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP)

REGEA is a longtime and active member of The Covenant of Mayors as well as one of the official supporters of the agreement since 2014. We have already successfully developed four SECAPs and supported our cities in the entire process of their acceptance and submission to the system. REGEA is also the author of more than 25 SEAPs (Sustainable Energy Action Plan, the forerunner of SECAP) and related audits and reports.


Integrated energy, climate, and spatial planning - the example of the City of Karlovac

REGEA supports the City of Karlovac in the process of drafting the first green general urban plan in the Republic of Croatia. This procedure will explicitly include energy efficiency and energy production from renewable sources and climate change adaptation measures in the existing spatial planning document. This enables the City of Karlovac to define the path of sustainable development directly and clearly. REGEA is preparing for this process guidelines for the integration of energy and climate into spatial plans and supports the developers of the spatial plan in their implementation.


The study of adaptation to the effects of climate change and the application of green infrastructure in the process of reconstruction of the City of Zagreb after the earthquake on 22 March 2020.

REGEA participated in the expert team for the development of guidelines and strategies for the reconstruction of Donji and Gornji Grad after the earthquake which hit Zagreb on 22 March 2020. Our role was to propose and analyze measures to implement green infrastructure and adaptation to climate change, which included several solutions such as green facades and roofs, bio-solar roofs, greening of common open spaces, application of green canopies at public transport stations and the like.
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