Project titleIntegration and smart management of energy storages at historical urban sites
Project acronymStore4HUC
Programme titleInterreg Central Europe
Programme priority2. Cooperating on low-carbon strategies in CENTRAL EUROPE
Programme priority specific objective2.2 To improve territorial based low-carbon energy planning strategies and policies supporting climate change mitigation
Project index numberCE1344
Name of the lead partner organizationDevelopment agency Sinergija
Project duration3 years (01.04.2019. – 31.03.2022.)
Project budget1.726.608,70 €
Sources of financeEuropean Regional Development Fund + Partner co-financing



It is challenging to provide a low carbon energy supply in cities in a style of energy storages. Especially in historical urban centers it is very difficult to achieve these results, because interventions in this specific area meet strict architectural protection constraints, involve higher implementation costs and often come in conflict with town planning policies.

Therefore, the main objective is to improve and enrich energy and spatial planning strategies targeting historical city centers by focusing on integration of energy storage systems to enhance the public institutional and utility capabilities.

The pilot actions implemented in specific sites in Austria, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia will demonstrate the various energy storages that can be adapted and transferred to other local or regional environments. The storages will provide good show-cases to the local authorities which can benefit in sense of improved energy efficiency and increase usage of renewable energy sources and lower costs for energy. The transnational strategy will provide the recommendations for improving the energy and spatial planning. The energy management tool will enable to monitor all features that proof the effectiveness of the pilot installations. Additionally, the autarky rate tool will indicate the economic and reasonable utilization of storages. By establishing the stakeholder deployment desk Store4HUC will reach the relevant players to share the knowledge and also transfer it to other additional audience. It will enable to gain wider consensus of the pilot instalment and further tool usage, especially with the signed memorandums of the future tool utilization. The project approach foresees also peer review actions, mutual learning within project consortium and exchange of experiences and knowledge with target groups what can enhance the transnational added value. Innovative energy storage installation and storing of renewable energy sources determines the innovative aspect of Store4HUC.


  1. Development agency Sinergija, Slovenia
  2. Municipality Lendava, Slovenia
  3. Energy and Innovation Centre of Weiz, Austria
  4. 4ward Energy Research Ltd., Austria
  5. CES clean energy solution GmbH, Austria
  6. Environment park, Italy
  7. City of Cuneo, Italy
  8. North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency, Croatia
  9. University of Zagreb – Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Croatia
  10. Climate Alliance, Germany


  1. Croatian Association of Historic Towns, Croatia
  2. CRC bank foundation, Italy
  3. City of Maribor, Slovenia
  4. Climate and Energy modelregion – climate friendly naturepark Almenland, Austria
  5. Biomasse district heating Weizberg, Austria
  6. Krapina-Zagorje County, Croatia


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