When project I too can have solar collectors, developed by REGEA in 2008, was implemented in Karlovac County, Krapina-Zagorje County, Zagreb County, City of Zagreb and a number of small municipalities (Konavle, Jelsa, Sućuraj…), it was the first time that renewable sources of energy (solar collectors, pellet stoves, heat pumps…) for citizens and energy renewal of family houses were financially supported in Croatia. More than 10,000 households were included in the project, which was also implemented as part of the EU’s Sustainable Energy Europe campaign.


The new concept of biomass heat contracting, implemented by REGEA in Karlovac County since 2013, heating-oil boiler rooms are being replaced with modern biomass boiler rooms in public buildings in Karlovac, Slunj, Ozalj and Duga Resa. The investor is a private partner selling heat during the contracted duration of the project.


In 2016, REGEA developed its own model of energy performance contract and has been applying it since then. The contract ensures return on investment from the energy savings guaranteed by the service provider (an ESCO company). This model includes measuring and verification of the savings. It was used in the project of interior lighting reconstruction in three elementary schools in Krapina-Zagorje County (Donja Stubica, Oroslavje and Zabok) as well as in numerous public lighting reconstruction projects.


A City of Zagreb project of the energy renewal for 15 buildings – cultural monuments on the Klaićeva-Medulićeva-Deželićeva-Kačićeva block, including the preparation of appertaining documents. The renewal includes installation of façade heating systems on backyard facades, installation of thermal insulation on the attic or loft floors and reconstruction of all doors and windows as per conservationists’ requirements.


  • Karlovac County, 15 school buildings, 4 outpatient clinics and a community health center, 1 administration building
  • Krapina-Zagorje County, 21 school buildings, 1 administration building, Bračak Energy Center
  • Zagreb County, 10 school buildings
  • City of Zagreb, Pavilion 12 of Zagreb International Trade Fair
  • Town of Donja Stubica, 3 community centers
  • Town of Jastrebarsko, 1 school building
  • Municipality of Pokupsko, municipal biomass heating plant

Project EIB/ELENA NEWLIGHT – Modernization of public lighting in 57 municipalities, cities and towns in Zagreb County and Krapina-Zagorje County (total investment: more than HRK130 million).

Project EIB/ELENA RePubLEEc – Modernization of public lighting in the City of Zagreb (total investment: more than HRK450 million).

Long-Term Strategy for Mobilising Investment in the Renovation of the National Building Stock of the Republic of Croatia 2014, Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning

Revision of Long-term Strategy for Mobilizing Investment in the Renovation of the National Building Stock of the Republic of Croatia, 2017, Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning

The Programme of energy renovation of commercial non-residential buildings for the period between 2014 and 2020, Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning

National Action Plan for Building the Infrastructure and Stimulating the Use of LNG in the Maritime Traffic in the Republic of Croatia, 2014, Ministry of Sea, Transport and Infrastructure

SECAP – Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans until 2030 for the City of Zagreb

SEAP – Sustainable Energy Action Plans for the City of Zagreb, the cities and towns of Ivanić-Grad, Klanjec, Rijeka, Zaprešić, Duga Resa, Jastrebarsko, Ozalj, Sveta Nedelja, Bjelovar, Dugo Selo, Gospić, Karlovac, Križevci, Ogulin, Otočac, Pregrada, Slunj, Belišće, Osijek, Knin, Donji Miholjac, Vinkovci and Pakrac and the Municipality of Brdovec.

SEAP - Sustainable Energy Action Plans for the cities of Sarajevo, Podgorica, Skopje and Tirana – financed through Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Action Report on the Realization of Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) for the cities and towns of Ogulin, Sveta Nedelja, Bjelovar, Duga Resa, Velika Gorica, Ivanić-Grad, Jastrebarsko and Dugo Selo.

Revision of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) for the Cities of Zagreb, Rijeka and Karlovac.

Energy efficiency programs in the final energy consumption; energy efficiency plans in the final energy consumption; annual energy efficiency plans for City of Zagreb, Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Karlovac County, Krapina-Zagorje County, Međimurje County, Šibenik-Knin County, Virovitica-Podravina County, Zadar County and Zagreb County (multi-year plans).

Sustainable Energy Use Strategies for Zagreb County, Karlovac County and Krapina-Zagorje County, 2009.

MANAGENERGY - European Commission initiative dedicated to local and regional energy agencies, Program 2014-2020 (member of consortium, co-manager)


  1. Sustainable Energy of the Rural Village Environment, SERVE, CONCERTO
  2. Public Energy Management, PEM, IPA CBC Programme Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007-2013
  3. Development of biomass trade and logistics centres for sustainable mobilisation of local wood biomass resources, BiomassTradeCenter II, Intelligent Energy Europe
  4. Maximising Topten Communication on Top Runner Products, Euro-Topten-Max, Intelligent Energy Europe
  5. Leadership in Energy Action and Planning, LEAP, Intelligent Energy Europe
  6. Enhancing the implementation of quality and sustainability standards and certification schemes for solid biofuels, SolidStandards, Intelligent Energy Europe
  7. Rural Web Energy Learning Network for Action, ERENET, Intelligent Energy Europe
  8. Sustainable Energies for Rural Communities, SUSTAINCO, Intelligent Energy Europe
  9. Buy Smart + Green Procurement in Europe, BUY SMART +, Intelligent Energy Europe
  10. Zagreb Energy Efficient City, ZagEE, MLEI PDA
  11. Europska inicijativa za energetske usluge, EESI2020, Intelligent Energy Europe
  12. Towards resource efficient urban communities in SEE, RE-SEEties, South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme
  13. Smart Interregional Cooperation Strategy for Innovation capacities in the Energy Sector on the MED area, SMARTinMED, Interreg Mediterranean
  14. Sa štednom rasvjetom do uštede i čistog okoliša, VARČUJ/ŠTEDI, IPA CBC Slovenia - Croatia
  15. Triggering the market uptake of energy performance contracting through street lighting refurbishment projects using energy efficient technologies, Streetlight EPC, Intelligent Energy Europe
  16. Energetska učinkovitost u kulturnoj baštini, EE CULTURE, IPA CBC Slovenia - Croatia
  17. Drvna biomasa za regionalni razvoj, BioHeatLocal, IPA CBC Slovenia - Croatia
  18. Sustainable Regional Supply Chains for Woody Bioenergy, BioRES, Horizon 2020
  19. NEWLIGHT, Elena
  20. Bioenergy Villages - Increasing the Market Uptake of Sustainable Bioenergy, BioVill, Horizon 2020
  21. Empower public authorities to establish a long-term strategy for mobilizing investment in the energy efficient renovation of the building stock, EmBuild, Horizon 2020
  22. Boosting Low carbon Innovative Building rehabilitation in European regions, BUILD2LC, Interreg Europe
  23. New finance for energy efficiency measures in public buildings, NEW FINANCE, Interreg Mediterranean
  24. Local policies for green energy, LOCAL4GREEN, Interreg Mediterranean
  25. Prioritise energy efficiency (EE) measures in public buildings: a decision support tool for regional and local public authorities, PrioritEE, Interreg Mediterranean
  26. Improving Local Energy and climate policy through quality management and certification, IMPLEMENT, Horizon 2020
  27. Developing and transfering and Innovative Energy Financing MiX in order to activate private sector finance for Increased Investments in Sustainable Energy Projects, E-FIX, Horizon 2020
  28. Multi Stakeholder and Multi Governance Aproach For SECAP Development and Implementation, PENTAHELIX, Horizon 2020
  29. Improving the Performance of District heating Systems in Central and East Europe, KEEP WARM, Horizon 2020
  30. Energy Efficient Public Buildings in Central Europe, eCentral, Interreg Central Europe
  31. Increased Renewable and Energy Efficiency by integrating, combining and empowering wastewater and organic waste management, REEF2W, Interreg Central Europe
  32. Built Heritage, Energy and Environmental - Friendly Integrated Tools for the sustainable management of Historic Urban Areas, BhENEFIT, Interreg Central Europe
  33. Heating communities with renewable energy, RENEW HEAT, Interreg IPA CBC Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro

IEA BIOENERGY Task 43 Biomass Feedstocks for Energy Markets (2013-2014)


IEA BIOENERGY Task 29 Socio-economic Drivers in Implementing Bioenergy Projects (2008-2012)


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